Strategic Branding Consulting:
We assist our clients by keeping their brand relevant and businesses healthy through a variety of custom analytical planning approaches; that are largely driven by organization’s leadership, culture and level of commitment to the process. Remember, your brand is the perception in the marketplace that states who and what you are.
Branding Channels:
Promotional Strategies & Direct Marketing

Media Marketing:
Clients quickly discovered that we were highly resourceful, creative and passionate about doing whatever it takes to help them reach their objectives through strategically driven integrated marketing communication
Media Channels:
General Print, Guerrilla Marketing, Online Media Campaigns,
Email-Blast marketing, amd Television

Our Services:
Event Planning:
Your event can ultimately build your brand, boost sales inquiries and drive your marketing. No matter the size or scope; One Love Group will develop a strategic event plan to convey just the right message and ambiance for your guests. We’ll plan the event from start to finish, managing all logistical elements. We design and produce unique events with predictable results that are focused on overall strategic corporate goals and planning. Along the way, we also produce fresh ideas and concepts, followed by obsessive attention to detail at each step of execution.
Event Planning Channels:
Invitation lists and program elements,
as well as providing any necessary on-site support.

Entertainment Consulting:
One Love Group provides consulting for any project. We assess vision and mission development from the beginning to end. We also provide referrals and coordination with other businesses.
Our business associates are professional individuals who specialize in many markets of entertainment; from locating a publicist to graphic designers, we can refer you to major people within your industry.

Consulting Channels:
Publicist, Video Production,  Graphic's/Web Design, Technology,
Demographic Marketing , Audio Production and Banner designs.
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